API's & Intermediates

NLL is one of the leading manufacturers of Cephalosporin range of products possessing core strength in Manufacturing (Both oral and Sterile API’s) and one of the few companies in India possessing both Lyophilisation and Crystallization facilities

NLL offers highest standards of cGMP to satisfy both EU and USFDA requirements. Production is carried out in discrete production units, each unit coupled to a dedicated fully isolated finishing suite. NLL strictly maintains Total Quality System (TQS) controls throughout the entire production cycle from raw materials through to packaging and dispatch.

Glass lined, stainless steel and MSGL reaction are configured for multi product synthesis at the 500kg to multi tone scale of operations. Purified water is used throughout the site.

Solids separation and drying is carried out in a range of tray ovens, stainless steel vacuum blender driers and stainless steel pressure filters/driers

All the API & Intermediate manufacturing sites are fully compliance with International environmental regulations

NLL continues to demonstrate its commitment to its customers through significant investment in additional production facilities thus enhancing the capability and quality of service available.

Products offered:

  • Cefixime Trihydrate
  • Cefuroxime Axetil (Amorphous)
  • Cefpodoxime Proxetil
  • Cefdinir
  • Ceftriaxone Sodium (Sterile)
  • Cefotaxime Sodium (Sterile)
  • Cefuroxime Sodium (Sterile)
  • Ceftazidime (Buffered)
  • Cefepime HCl (Buffered)
  • Cefepime HCl (Unbuffered)
  • Cephalothin (Buffered)
  • Cefazolin Sodium (Sterile)
  • Cefprozil
  • Cefoperzone Sodium (Sterile)
  • Cefpirome Sulphate (Buffered)
  • Cefoxitin Sodium (Sterile)