Guar Gum Powder


After becoming leading supplier of natural menthol globally, Guar is the next step for Nectar in agricultural products from India.

Nectar has bought in price and quality stability in natural menthol, which has been appreciated by users globally. For Guar, we carry forward our ideology of being a stable supplier of quality products.

Certifications received :

Kosher and Halal received for food grade.

Quality Orientation from Sourcing to manufacturing

Modern automated manufacturing near the high viscosity guar raw material from Haryana.

Products available:

Oil Grade

1. Guar Gum Fast Hydration 43-48 cps

2. Guar Gum Fast Hydration 40-45 cps

3. Guar Gum Fast Hydration 35-40 cps

4. CMHPG and HPG

Food Grade

Cosmetic Grade

Pharmaceuitcal Grade


Packaging and shipping



•Jumbo bags 900 kgs each
•Woven Polypropylene material
•One 20 ft container holds 20 bags
•Net qty in a container 18000 kgs

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